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Web based Records Retrieval and Viewing System

The Geomatics Landbase Information Systems Division of the Public Facilities and Resources Department contains thousands of land and survey-related records within Orange County. Historically, these records have been accessed at the Geomatics (Survey) counter in downtown Santa Ana.

With this Land Records system, the method for accessing public records has been drastically changed by using a powerful web-based public records retrieval and viewing system. Records and documents are scanned and linked to corresponding geographic locations within the County Landbase system. Then records can be easily located and retrieved using a standard Web browser from any personal computer connected to the Internet.

This application requires Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0. service pack 2 or higher. The Adobe Systems SVG viewer is neccessary in order to view the maps. If the viewer is not on your system, you will be redirected to an Adobe Systems page to install the viewer.

ADA (Americans with Disabilities) ACCESS

If you need assistance please call 714-967-0852.

We have produced this site to facilitate the use of Geomatics' Landbase Information Systems. While Landbase Information Systems maps cannot be displayed in conformance with ADA standards, the text-based navigation and instructions for purchasing documents are at highly accessible levels.

While the outstanding characteristic of a map is inherently graphical, new international standards for representing vector graphics in markup languages may mean that users with disabilities could some day "read" graphics in alternative ways.

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